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Cloud Art

Here is where we display artworks inspired by the sky that we’ve been sent by our members. If you have cloud art to contribute get in touch.

The Cloud Appreciation Society mail art project
Lindsey Gould (Member 36,694) invited members to send art creations to her in the mail. She then replied with a mail art work of her own. See some of what members sent in here…

The CAS mail art project

Debra Stroud

From Debra Stroud: (Click images to enlarge) (© Debra Stroud)

Alberto Bertoldi

From Alberto Bertoldi, in Piacenza, Italy: (Click images to enlarge) (© Alberto Bertoldi)

Richard Freer

From Richard Freer in Leicester, UK: (Click images to enlarge) (© Richard Freer)

Elena Murer

From Elena Murer in Pisa, Italy: (Click images to enlarge) (© Elena Murer)

Giorgio Maria Griffa

From Giorgio Maria Griffa in Itlay: (Click images to enlarge) (© Giorgio Maria Griffa)

Stefano Sandri

From Stefano Sandri: (Click images to enlarge) (© Stefano Sandri)

Antonello Rizza

From Antonello Rizza in Italy: (Click images to enlarge) (© Antonello Rizza)

Rini Widmer

From Rini Widmer in Ticino, Southern Switzerland: (Click images to enlarge) (© Rini Widmer)

Denise Rio Murphy

From Denise Rio Murphy in Toronto, Ontario, Canada: (Click images to enlarge) (© Denise Rio Murphy