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Cloud Art

Here is where we display artworks inspired by the sky that we’ve been sent by our members. If you have cloud art to contribute get in touch.

The Cloud Appreciation Society mail art project
Lindsey Gould (Member 36,694) invited members to send art creations to her in the mail. She then replied with a mail art work of her own. See some of what members sent in here…

The CAS mail art project

Jorge Fin

From Jorge Fin in Murcia, Spain: (Click images to enlarge) (© Jorge Fin)

Mascia Manunza

From Mascia Manunza in Toronto, Canada: (Click images to enlarge) (© Mascia Manunza)

David A. Hardy

From David A. Hardy: (Click images to enlarge) (©David A. Hardy/

Evelyn Rowland

From Evelyn Rowland in London, UK: (Click images to enlarge) (© Evelyn Rowland)

Wendy Jones

in Manchester, UK Visit her website: The Art Department

Detlev Foth

From Detlev Foth in Düsseldorf, Germany: (Click images to enlarge) (© Detlev Foth)

Giampaolo Amstici

From Giampaolo Amstici in Trieste, Italy: (Click images to enlarge) (© Giampaolo Amstici)

Margaret Kahn

From Margaret Kahn (1921-1996), an accomplished glider pilot whose love of flying allowed her to study clouds from different angles: (Click images to enlarge) (© Margaret Kahn)

Kendra Larson

From Kendra Larson in Portland, Oregon, US: