A Night Under the Northern Lights

George Preoteasa, Member 41,445, joined us on our 2022 Sky Holiday to Canada to see the Northern Lights. On his last night he set up a camera by the lake taking time-lapse pictures for 6 hours from 10pm. The film is about 4 minutes long and ends with clouds rolling in, while the aurora green is still the dominant light.

3 thoughts on “A Night Under the Northern Lights”

  1. Patricia L Keelin avatar Keelin says:

    Thank you, George, for sharing such a splendid wonder. What a fabulous dance you captured that night!

  2. Linda Field avatar Linda Field says:

    George, I am so thankful for your effort to capture nature’s spectacular light show in the sky. It’s a treat for me to watch your video. Thank you, thank you.

  3. Ruth Quist avatar RUTH QUIST says:

    George, just plain out of this world beautiful.

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