“A Sense of Loss” by David Oscarson

David Oscarson, supporting member 40914, recently composed this poem “A Sense of Loss” that centers around fog and encroaching clouds.

A Sense of Loss

A dense fog rolled in and the jetty began to disappear in the late afternoon air.
Thick humid clouds consumed any rays of sunlight that remained.
You were there, wanting to be alone after our disparaging disagreement.

The struggle for remorse grew heavily with each passing moment.
For me, the sense of loss was overwhelming as the fog further encroached.
Darkness soon limited all visibility and I became fraught with worry.

After what seemed an interminable time I heard the key in the latch, and you returned.
No words were spoken and we found each other in a firm embrace.
Tears flowed freely realizing we had avoided the regret of losing one another.

© David Oscarson 2018

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