Our 2013 Cloudspotting Calendar is Now on Sale

Our Cloudspotting Wall Calendar for 2013 features some of our favourite photographs of clouds that look like things taken by members of The Cloud Appreciation Society. There are clouds in the shape of animals, hearts, faces, flying saucers and much more, almost all of which starred in our recent book, Clouds That Look Like Things. It makes a beautiful gift for anyone with their head in the clouds, and we’ll even add in a hand-written gift message of your choice.
See the Cloudspotting Wall Calendar on our Cloud Shop…

3 thoughts on “Our 2013 Cloudspotting Calendar is Now on Sale”

  1. homepage says:

    The custom Escort Agency is that politeness and courtesy will take you much farther than
    threats and angry letters.

  2. Sue Young avatar sue young says:

    No calendars left …….. ?????? SADNESS

  3. Vanessa Anthony avatar Vanessa Anthony says:

    Any chance of getting a Cloud Spotting DESK calendar produced? I don’t have any walls around my desk but still want to display the beauty of clouds for all my colleagues to appreciate!

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