FBI Shows Up on Man’s Doorstep After He Shoots Photo of Clouds

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Photograph by Michael Galindo

Julia Austin recently sent us a link to this article by Carlos Miller of Photography is Not A Crime.

The next time you’re photographing clouds, make sure those clouds aren’t hovering over a location that’s considered “sensitive”. National Weather Service volunteer Michael Galindo learned this lesson last month after pulling over to the side of the road near Houston to snap a photo of storm clouds brewing in the distance (shown above). Problem was, between Galindo and the clouds sat the Lyondell Refinery.

Carlos Miller of Photography is Not A Crime reports that someone at the refinery spotted Galindo photographing the scene, and contacted the local police department.

By the time the summoned officers arrived, Galindo had already left the location… so the police called the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force.

Imagine the look on Galindo’s face this past Friday, when the FBI arrived on his doorstep to question him about his activities. Luckily for Galindo — a 26-year-old man with a squeaky clean police record — FBI agent David Pileggi was satisfied with his explanation after a 20-minute questioning, and simply left with a warning to “be careful next time.”

You can see the original article here

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  1. Sydney Baxter2 Nov 2012

    I guess the task force has to justify its existance somehow.
    Mr. Galindo, I applaud you for standing down the FBI and proving that although we may have our heads in the clouds, we aren’t made of fluff!

  2. Jayne Lockwood4 Nov 2012

    This story is one in the eye for all those people who think our love of clouds is “a bit daft.” Mix in some potential corporate intrigue, and cloud seeking becomes sexy!

  3. S. Piderman7 Nov 2012

    This is the best website. When I get back from saving the world i will sign up

    Ya mum

  4. Abbey22 Nov 2012

    These comments and this article are awesome. Cloudz 4 Life! LOL

  5. Meganite6 Dec 2012

    Oh yeah, those refineries REALLY don’t like you to photograph them. It’s such a hassle when doing photography for Civil Air Patrol. Sigh.

  6. bernard brown7 Dec 2012

    I work in 3-D, and love making sequentials of fast moving clouds, take 4or5 images of the same moving clouds,2 or 3 seconds apart, then selecting the best pair for 3-D viewing.
    interested ? want help ?

  7. Maarten den Herder9 Dec 2012

    This story almost Sounds like Alices Restaurant by Arlo Gunthrie. If you have 25min to spare, worth listening to!

  8. Mr. Darby Gerking10 Dec 2012

    Perfect. Homeland Security has its proverbial head in the clouds?

  9. Queenie2 Jan 2013

    Luv the cool pictures of the clouds

  10. Queenie2 Jan 2013

    Cool cloud pictures

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