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Supporting Member Subscription Renewal

£42.00 / year

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Cloud A DayThis is for existing Supporting Members to renew their subscription. Not only will you receive our ‘Cloud-a-Day’ email service, but you will get 15% off everything on the Cloud Shop. We’ve always said that spending a moment each day with your head in the clouds will have a profound effect on your wellbeing. That is why as a subscribing member you will receive a cloud in your inbox each morning. Sometimes it’s a photograph of an amazing formation by one of our members. Sometimes, a tiny piece of cloud science. We might send an inspiring sky quotation or a detail from a classic piece of cloud art. Each day it’s different and takes no longer than 30 seconds to read. And our Cloud-a-Day email is never, ever about selling stuff.
• Our ‘Cloud-a-Day’ email service
• 15% off all Cloud Shop products
• Free access to our forthcoming video courses (currently in production)
• Further discounts and offers