Set up your Community Profile

The Community Pages of the Cloud Appreciation Society are where members can communicate with each other through local Cloudspotter Groups. Here is how to set up the images and details on your Community Profile page.

1. Read and accept our Community Terms & Conditions

2. Login as a Cloud Appreciation Society member

3. Upload your choice of cover image

Hover over the default cover image at the top of your Account page and hit the button in the top right to change the cover image. This will take you to your Community Profile page where you can upload a cover photo. You could show others a photo – taken by you – of the sky where you are.

Once you’ve uploaded an image, you can always hit the same button again to Reposition the image in the frame.

4. Upload a profile image

Use the button on the circular profile avatar to upload an image for your profile. This is what will appear by your name on any comments on the Community pages. You could use a photo of you, or one of anything you want – like a Cumulus cloud that looks just like you!

5. Add some info about yourself

Hit the Update Info button to add some information about yourself for other to see!

6. Set what’s visible and your notifications

In the About tab, you can select Preferences to set what others can see of your info, and you can select Notifications to decide what Community activity you'd like to be notified about and how often.

7. Now you can join Cloudspotter Groups and post in the Community Pages!

Now you’re all set to join a Cloudspotter Group for an area that interests you and post in the Cloud Appreciation Society Community!