Cloud Videos

Clouds never stay still. They're in a state of perpetual transition, mutating from one form to another. This ephemeral, ever-changing quality is part of their beauty. If you have time-lapse video of clouds for this page, upload it to a video hosting site like Vimeo or YouTube and send us a link.

Northern Lights above Porjus, Sweden

A beautiful time-lapse of the northern lights captured and shared by Olivier Staiger. The clouds seem to swim out into a glittering green sea.

Three Peaks, Dolomites

Massimiliano Squadroni of Scenari Digitali srl, shared this timelapse video which was made through their webcam at Three Peaks South Tyrol - Italy.

Night at the end of Denning Road

George Preoteasa, member 41,445, tells us that this summer he has been obsessed with capturing the Milky Way as it moves across the sky above the Catskills.

Lenticular Cloud above Teide

Tim Blofeld, member 45,721, sent us the link to this video by Bartosz Wojczyński of a lenticular cloud above Teide taken seamlessly from day to night.

Clouditation – Cloud Gazing

Jeremy Prentice produced this immersive sky meditation as a gift to his friends and family. He told said "A lil' present for my kinfolk, friends, and friends-to-be in ole Melbourne town (or anyone and everyone for whom it offers value)

Clouds – the fascinating scenes above our heads

Lance Wardle heard about the Cloud Appreciation Society from a friend while they were discussing how they had used their time during the 'stay at home' period earlier this year.

East Coast Timelapse

Cloud enthusiast, Alexandra Ashby sent us her first video of clouds over the east coast. As one viewer commented "such dreamy clouds"

“Springtime over the Mojave Desert II”

David Oscarson, supporting member 40,914, recently completed this video. He explained "in this video are time-lapse videos of clouds moving over the Mojave Desert, flora, fauna (wild horses) and cloud panoramas. I have expanded not only on cloud structures,but what is under the clouds and sky".

Over The Clouds & Cloud Surfing

Andy Sallee, Society member 37,600, sent us this video taken whilst flying over and 'surfing' through clouds above the Northwestern Continental USA