Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

From Leah Aronoff in Ohio, US:

The Banality of Blue Skies They are serious about cirrus. And stratus. And cumulus. Also alto. And fracto. . There is the honored cloud of the month. Clouds that look like other things. Clouds that look like nothing else. One kind looking over the shoulder of another. They softly call attention to News that rocks […]

From Marianne Beasley:

Dear Clouds I will lie upon my back and gaze up at you and yearn to be with you so that I could roll around in you delight in you be free in you I do Love you.

From Dan Bloom in Taiwan:

Clouds Like human fingerprints No two clouds are alike They soar in the sky like majestic towers ”turkey towers” the weatherman calls them beautiful, splendiferous, incredible, spacious, ever-mutating, crying out for attention, hungry, passionate, full of pizazz and verve. Yes, summer clouds are a delight to the eye white mushrooms of smoke set against a […]