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Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

From Kim Bugie:

Written in different languages ‘to reflect the changing nature of the sky’: Solaris du Ciel Si: they are real! Uber Kopf, if you will Meme: juste a prove on a pris le pink pill and pause et regard mais on muste faire heed! Peut-etre, le ciel's Puck nimbus on speed ~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>> Ces Times pour un

From Brenda Mckone:

There are clouds oh! so white, There are clouds oh! so grey, They float back and forth As the go on their way. They billow so gently, Or buffet and storm, They come when it's cold And they come when it's warm. I can spend many hours Watching clouds going by And wonder why is

From Glen Shorts in South Dakota, US:

How Humans Get to Heaven Writing a formula for a cloud is pointless When you think you have it right It vaporizes and mocks your foolishness Exposed and basking in blue light Water is such a common thing for thus It takes a cold day to expose our breath Show us that

From Luke Sivertson in Denver, Colorado, US:

Whirling Dervishes Whirling dervishes Swirling, dipping, diving Around the afternoon sky In all their pure vaporous glory. Weaving in and out They sweep like ghosts Forever intertwined. Coming together The dancers grow. At first a white puff Then with eerie silence The color changes. From white to gray From gray to black Ever growing into a hulking mass A black heap

From Anthony Lewis in Swansea, UK

Sky Beneath that lofty sky, As leaden grey clouds drift by. I want for nothing more, Than to stand amazed. And hear seas roar. And on the far horizon, A backdrop canvas bible black. The stage is set As I get wet. And clouds move and stack- In shapes and forms before the wind. But beaten by

From Paul Doxey in Suffolk, UK

A poem inspired by hearing the music of The Cloud Harp Your clear blue sky Your clear blue sky cannot convince me I see through your pretence no stitch masks your emptiness your godless perfection of void Your deceitful black sky transparent betrayed by chilling phantoms false mirage of harbour lights and homesteads unreachable You see I have heard

From Maximilan Kleibeler in Hamburg, Germany:

(We don't understand it, but he promises us it is about clouds) Sie fliegen auf und ab, hin und her, treffen alles dieser Welt. Mal hell, mal dunkel, mal leicht mal schwer, Und manchmal auch ein Farben-Meer. Mal trifft man sie als Tiger, mal als Drachen, Und auch mal steigend auf, aus

From Colin Goedecke in New York City, US

See the site for Colin's poetry book, The Speed of Sight, here: And buy a copy here.   Animale del Cielo The gods are amusing each other with topiaries. Questo pomeriggio, a rampant lepre is cotton tailed by a fluffed and puffing cinghiale; Bacchus pursues a tiny ninfa which he soon consumes, only

From Leah Aronoff in Ohio, US:

The Banality of Blue Skies They are serious about cirrus. And stratus. And cumulus. Also alto. And fracto. . There is the honored cloud of the month. Clouds that look like other things. Clouds that look like nothing else. One kind looking over the shoulder of another. They softly call attention to News that rocks the cloud

From Marianne Beasley:

Dear Clouds I will lie upon my back and gaze up at you and yearn to be with you so that I could roll around in you delight in you be free in you I do Love you.

From Dan Bloom in Taiwan:

Clouds Like human fingerprints No two clouds are alike They soar in the sky like majestic towers ''turkey towers'' the weatherman calls them beautiful, splendiferous, incredible, spacious, ever-mutating, crying out for attention, hungry, passionate, full of pizazz and verve. Yes, summer clouds are a delight to the eye white mushrooms of smoke set against a blue, blue sky