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Cloud Poetry

Why not send us your own cloud poetry? Remember to include your full name and where you live.

From David Longstaff, Aged 9:

I'd like to shout it really loud "Yippie, yippie. I'm a cloud" And line the blue sky up and down Like a meadow newly ploughed But I'm not and never will be Such thoughts are really silly So instead I sit and admire the view If I wished upon a cloud Would you

From Glen Shorts in South Dakota, US:

Even Clouds Have a Dark Side There is something political about a cloud Is it the substance that seems so solid, or The asymmetric bias to float with the wind? Farmers like to believe clouds of favor Hide beyond the horizon to bless the night. Showers and lightning strikes apparent to The

From Margaret McCartney

A poem written after George Bush refused to sign the Kyoto Agreement in 2001: 1. I love nice sunsets I don’t know why But every time I look to the sky 2. I see God’s work In every cloud And wonder if He’s thinking aloud 3. “What have they done To my best creation The earth,

From Irene Goodnight and Diana Gibson-Kelley

A song inspired by watching the clouds in Beaufort, South Carolina, US: Silver Lining Theres a storm brewing in this heart of mine Were at a crossroads trying to find our way Emotions can get cloudy between us dear But tommorows bound to be a sunny day [Chorus] There's a silver lining

From Ged Wells in London, UK:

Grey matters Send in the Clouds, that will never lift, save the brain forest, grey matters and drift. Islands of dusk, duffel coated with pride, muffle the light, cloud cuckoo landslide. No gloom at the Inn, when dimmer switched tucked into horizon, and blanket-stitched. As wrapped in cotton, wolves losing sleep, snug, restless

From Victoria Craven in Oxfordshire, UK:

rice we have moments when the sky comes closer when we spot and feel the earth moving faster like now as she walks down the garden her past-atmosphere is full bare feet loving the wet grass with no-one to ask

From Anthony Lewis in Swansea UK:

Roller Clouds High on this hill above the bay, Waiting for the dawn of day. "With head in the clouds" Like my teacher would say-- Well now I am a silver surfer, Browsing the sky, for gems above, Doing most of all that which I love. With cloud painters palette, Of magenta and blue, And

Jacqueline Mai in France:

The ‘Waiting for Me’ cloud A train ride To the seaside In childhood Just after the war The black thundering engine Rudely ejecting Chuffed out clouds Which drift lazily behind Like streams of soap bubbles Thinning and evaporating Puffs of fluff Contrasting greatly With the rattle and roar Of the engine’s ponderous weight And then – ‘The sea, the sea I can

From Megan Webster

A selection from a series inspired by the US Postal Service ‘Cloudscapes’ stamps (now out of print): Cirrus Radiatus How your name sizzles! Yet they swear your heart is born of windblown ice- but look how your ivory fingers caress the azure; how they

From Michelle Daisley in London, UK:

Oh clouds! You fill the sky at day, Until the wind blows you away. You bring us rain, you bring us snow, You leave us sunshine when you go. (Written about 10 years ago, on the school playing fields)

From Simon Ellis in Hindley, UK

Wandering Lonely The cloud that drifted by on the winter breeze through a dead sky of pale white blue has gone now I remember standing and watching it float by far overhead as it changed shape and form heading

From Bill Greenwood:

Three Times One Cloud Cotton florets hug the ground, horsetails sweep the upper reaches, and stratus snowdrifts layer the otherwise space between. Leaving land, one Caribbean moment, low curdled forms sail shadows on the silver face of the water. The same time, cumulus manta rays travel the sand floor in aquamarine. This occurs every day under the

From Kim Bugie:

Written in different languages ‘to reflect the changing nature of the sky’: Solaris du Ciel Si: they are real! Uber Kopf, if you will Meme: juste a prove on a pris le pink pill and pause et regard mais on muste faire heed! Peut-etre, le ciel's Puck nimbus on speed ~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>> Ces Times pour un

From Brenda Mckone:

There are clouds oh! so white, There are clouds oh! so grey, They float back and forth As the go on their way. They billow so gently, Or buffet and storm, They come when it's cold And they come when it's warm. I can spend many hours Watching clouds going by And wonder why is

From Glen Shorts in South Dakota, US:

How Humans Get to Heaven Writing a formula for a cloud is pointless When you think you have it right It vaporizes and mocks your foolishness Exposed and basking in blue light Water is such a common thing for thus It takes a cold day to expose our breath Show us that