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Cloud of The Month

Each month, we choose our favourite image from the Cloud Gallery.

Nacreous (January ’06)

(Click image to enlarge) (Image © Gill and Peter Smith) Most clouds are happy to coexist within the lower region of the atmosphere, known as the ‘troposphere’. Nacreous clouds, however, like to be a little different. They form in the rarefied heights

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Tuba (November ’05)

(Click image to enlarge) (Image © Clay Craig) A ‘tuba’ is when a cloud extends a finger towards Earth. Young children often yearn to reach up and touch the soft mounds of a fair-weather Cumulus. So who can blame a cloud for

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Virga (October ’05)

(Click image to enlarge) (Image © Mike Rubin) Those unfamiliar with the habits of our fluffy friends will claim that it never snows on warm, clear, sunny days. Of course, a cloudspotter knows that they are talking complete and utter nonsense.

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Altostratus (August ’05)

(Click image to enlarge) (Image © Irene, East Queensland, Australia) Cloudspotters tend to think of the altostratus as a boring cloud. Indeed, it is a featureless, mid-level layer, which tends to give the sky a washed-out, overcast appearance. When it is thick,

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Cumulus (July ’05)

(Click image to enlarge) (Image © Laura Billings) If the average person were to close their eyes and think of a cloud, chances are they would picture this little fellow, for the cumulus feels like the most generic of all the cloud

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Mamma (June ’05)

(Click image to enlarge) (Image © Bill Lowe) With her pendulous udders, this mother's cooking up a storm. She's known as the mammatus cloud (mamma is the Latin for ‘breast’) and you can find her hanging out in the company of any

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