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Cloud Mail Art from our Members

Lindsey Gould (Member 36,694) started a ‘mail art’ project for the Cloud Appreciation Society. In one of our newsletters she invited members to mail her small artworks inspired by the sky, to which she would reply with an artwork of her own. Here is what Lindsey said about the entries:

“Our Cloud Mail Art project has yielded some beautiful creations. Thanks to everyone who sent in submissions, a selection of which you can see here, along with my comments.”
– Lindsey Gould

Basha Olson (Member 32,589)

Basha shares this illustration called ‘Painted Clouds’ made for her by Simon Adams,  alongside an excerpt of the story it inspired her to write:

“Ahh, the beauty of those arched droplets of light. I know a secret thing you can do with the rainbow. Would you like to know?”

“Oh, yes!”  The girls declared.

“I can fly through the rainbow and accumulate the colorful droplets of water on my mackerel-scaled wings. Then you can squeeze the color from my scales, all the shades of the rainbow, and, then, you can paint the clouds!”

Marissa Blossom (Member 42,677)

This monotype print from Marissa captured my imagination with all of the shades of blue and grey that we can often see in the sky on a stormy day. Marissa creates cloud art with different mediums such as cards, rubber stamps and prints.

Karen Fitzgerald (Member 40,834)

Karen submitted this lovely and ethereal oil painting called ‘Night Clouds’.

Brendan Clarke (Member 30,072)

When sending in his whimsical comic titled ‘Meanwhile At The Cloud Factory’, Brendan said: “This picture depicts the now defunct Poolbeg Generating Station in Dublin, Ireland. Prior to being decommissioned, the Poolbeg chimneys would release clouds of steam high into the air above Dublin Bay which were visible throughout the whole city.”

Susan Svendsen (Member 4052)

Susan’s sent her layered cloud collage in from Richmond VA, where a wonderful giant roll cloud was spotted earlier this year!

Sandy Gregorich (Member 45,784)

Sandy sent this sweet drawing with the following picturesque quote: “Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Maura Ross (Member 39,219)

Maura’s fluffy little cloud, made of soft wool and silk fibers, floated into my mailbox via air mail.