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Attention all Cloudspotters

Got cloud news that you think we should feature? Let us know.

The Cloud Wall Chart

Ever looked out the window and wished you knew the name of the clouds looking back at you? Of course you have. Well, help is at hand – in the form of The Skywatcher's Cloud Chart. With photographs and captions by John A Day, author of The...

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Cloud Diary Number Two

Inspired by Marc Kremers’ sky diary (see below), Valeska Oostrum has started her own, showing the skies above her home village of De Lier in The Netherlands (it is between Rotterdam and The Hague). You can visit Valeska’s sky diary here.  ...

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The Cloud Harp

The question of what music to listen to while gazing at the clouds has finally been solved. Nicolas Reeves, a professor at the University of Quebec in Montreal, Canada, has invented The Cloud Harp – an instrument that creates music from the shape of the...

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The Cloudman Cometh

We were very excited to be contacted by the one and only John Day of Oregon, USA. He is commonly known as the Cloudman, as he has devoted his latter years to photographing, enthusing about and explaining the clouds. His website is full of fantastic...

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