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In the early evening of July 6, 2012 a huge Pannus-Cloud showed up above the provinces Zeeland and West-Brabant in the Netherlands. There was no time to set up a camera for a time lapse; so Ireen Wijmans filmed it for several minutes. This is the result:

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  1. Terry Scoltock5 Apr 2013

    Great clouds, nice music!

  2. Ireen5 Apr 2013

    Thanks Terry!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!

  3. Anonymous12 May 2013


  4. Svetlana12 May 2013

    very nise!))

  5. Ed. Green20 May 2013

    Well worth recording!Nice one,Ireen.

  6. Ireen24 May 2013

    Thanks all for the comments!
    Best wishes from a cold, cloudy & rainy Holland!

  7. Nicolien van den Hengel17 Nov 2013

    What a very beautiful cloud! Thank you for recording this!

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