Organic Matter in Clouds – New Study

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A new research article has recently been published entitled Hailstones: A Window into the Microbial and Chemical Inventory of a Storm Cloud.

It explains how the research shows that clouds are alive, containing living organisms that are found in the water droplets and ice crystals. The full article is published here

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  1. Madya Panfilio25 Feb 2013

    Life is in all things throughout the Universe. No Exceptions! We come from the stars and go back to the stars…we are Stardust!

  2. Cloud Smitten15 Apr 2013

    Amazing! Now I can call myself a biologist as well as a nephologist! Huzzah!

  3. Jennifer Johnson20 Apr 2013

    Snow and Rain are small presents from the clouds above us.

  4. Kim ter- horst27 Apr 2013

    I will never again feel the same about getting wet in the rain

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