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Perched on high above the sprawl
I take it in the endless crawl
Of city lights that spread so far
While sitting in my VINTAGE CAR !

Approaching dawn gives way to light
To eradicate nights’ man made bright
A protective hand safe guards my gaze
Now blinding streams of sun bright rays

PINNICALE stance now on my feet
O’ misty white so soon to greet
These orbs of hazel so desperately wanting
To see the clouds that seem so haunting

Weather men on the radio say
The misty vapour shall stay away
Due to a ridge somewhere down south
Can you believe it? WHY SHUT MY MOUTH !

A night time wasted upon this hill
I can’t believe it I’m such a DILL !
I should have stayed in bed sawing Zs
Dreaming of clouds swept on the breeze

© Michael Davis

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  1. Shakira26 Oct 2012

    !!!!!!!!!!! Fantastic

  2. Mark J Peacock7 Dec 2012

    Absolutely first class piece, Michael. Bravo!

  3. Vaishnav9 Dec 2012


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