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Denis Farmer posted this YouTube video from his back garden when he saw a face appearing in the storm clouds over Grand Falls, New Brunswick, Canada. We think his comment half-way through rather sums it up: “Hoooooly Freak!”.

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  1. Michael Menger13 Aug 2011

    Stunning and a little bit frightening. Great video!

  2. Chris13 Aug 2011

    Here is the strangest thing about the ‘face’ a dear family friend passed away the day before and the ‘face’ looks exactly like him. We saw it here in Pennsylvania as well right by his home.
    I think our friend Bobby is traveling to worls to let us all know that he is now at peace and no longer in pain

  3. John13 Aug 2011

    A friend took pic of a cloud look’s Just like the video on the same day in Taylor PA…email me if you would like to see the photo

  4. Cris14 Aug 2011

    I would like to believe that its God doing His things. He is showing the world that He owns the earth and He can do anything.

  5. Mari18 Aug 2011

    Right before it broke apart the “ear” and “chin” got pointy like a devil. Before that it looked like George Washington.

  6. darlene ricotta3 Sep 2011

    It is awesome what God does with the clouds, I saw a picture of this before but it was just a short one. This was really a great video of the face.

  7. Indrani Ananda5 Sep 2011

    This is so amazing it’s uncanny! The fact that you were there in the right place at the right time was truly a million to one chance. This is the best cloud-face I have seen so far.

  8. Sara4 Nov 2011

    Wow! Very cool.

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