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Cloud picture: wispy high-level clouds made by a NASA rocket

This was spotted on the National Geographic Daily News website with a story entitled “NASA Rockets Make Weird Clouds Near Edge of Space”.
The effect is caused as chemicals react with water and oxygen in the atmosphere to create the milky white clouds and were visible to both scientists and public in the clear morning skies along the US Northeast coast.

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  1. Glen Swain10 Apr 2012

    These are so dramatically beautiful, I had to stand aside from my usual distress over the chemicals we humans strew through the universe and wonder how many ways beauty comes into being.

  2. Steven Collins13 Apr 2012

    Hi there!
    Came across your great site while looking for some information. The ATREX clouds were really great to watch. Here is a collection with more images of man-made clouds that were created that day.

  3. Ken Brannen5 May 2012

    Hi, I thought you might like my timelapse of clouds, enjoy!

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