Sending Us Your Photos for Our Cloud Gallery

A storm in in Arizona, US. © Dave March

We love to receive your cloud photographs for inclusion on the gallery pages. If you would like to send us one, please submit them as follows:

1) In jpeg format.
2) At a size no larger than 1MB each.
3) And that you make a selection of your favourite images, so that we don’t have to sort through lots of very similar ones to pick out the best.

Do please say in your email who you are, where you are from and where you took the photo, as it is nice to include this information in the caption.

Because we have such a large number of photographs coming in, it can take us some time to put them up, so please be patient.

Send us your cloud photographs to:

“O! It is pleasant with a heart at ease
Just after sunset, or by moonlight skies,
To make the shifting clouds be what you please.”

[Samuel Taylor Coleridge,
Fancy in Nubibus (or the Poet in the Clouds), 1819]