A witch over Sydney, Australia.
© Simon Friedlander
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This is an example of:
Cirrus, Clouds that look like things, Contrails, Our favourites


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  1. Sharon14 Feb 2013

    I am speechless.

  2. Laurence15 Feb 2013

    Brill! Well spotted! Uncanny! What spell did she weave on her magical flight?!!?


  3. Helen Richards21 Jun 2013

    Is there room on the broom??

  4. Mémé Thorne21 Jun 2013

    A great catch Simon!

  5. Annie Morgan21 Jun 2013

    Clever catch. I love those little clouds that appear from nowhere, sit a moment (casting spells?) and then disappear.

  6. Joy21 Jun 2013

    Amazing! Thanks for capturing that. Another moment, and it was gone! Well-done!!!

  7. Ewan Gemmell22 Jun 2013

    this would have to be the best website amongst all the worlds

  8. Chris22 Jun 2013


  9. Barb23 Jun 2013

    Wickedly good spotting, Simon!

  10. Pete Webb23 Jun 2013

    That isn’t a cloud, it really is a witch on a broomstick. Has to be.

  11. tony dodds8 Jul 2013

    could this be the rider IPSWICH WITCH,S have been waiting for !

  12. Rob Nicholls23 Jul 2013

    The best Cloud photo I,ve seen.

  13. Simon6 Aug 2013

    Thanks guys. I was out the front of my house, looked up and there she was. It was an amazing sight to see.

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