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‘Art of the Sky’ watercolour course

From: $31.69

This interactive three-part course, conducted over Zoom, will teach you how to paint the sky using watercolours. As you learn to paint the clouds, you’ll also come to understand how clouds form and how they affect our moods.

Workshop 1: Wednesday 2nd December (6pm, UTC)

Low Clouds
We start with an introduction to watercolour techniques for depicting the sky and to understanding the shifting moods of the sky as we learn to paint two very different low clouds: delicate layers of fog on a calm, still morning and the dark, brooding tones of an approaching storm. We will draw inspiration for our paintings from two reference photographs. (This is a 1-hour workshop)

Workshop 2: Wednesday 9th December (6pm, UTC)

Mid-Level Clouds:
We learn about the interplay between clouds and light by painting mid-level clouds. Why do some clouds look bright and others dark? Why do clouds at sunset show such a range of gold and ruby hues? All is explained as we pick up techniques to paint flocks of cloudlets known as Altocumulus, and a sunset of golden Altostratus layers. (This is a 1-hour workshop)

Workshop 3: Wednesday 16th December (6pm, UTC)

High Clouds:
Clouds are never still. Their constant movement is both a challenge for artists of the sky and also an invitation for us to paint what we feel as much as what we see. We will learn techniques for painting different formations of the high, flowing clouds known as Cirrus, which can be some of the more challenging to depict in watercolour. We will hear readings from poetry about the sky as we try out our new-found skills. (This is a 1-hour workshop)

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Donna Levinstone and Gavin Pretor-Pinney

This course is taught by artist Donna Levinstone (Member 1,082) and Cloud Appreciation Society founder, Gavin Pretor-Pinney (Member 001).

This course of three live workshops will teach you how to paint a range of varied cloud formations and skyscapes using watercolour. As you learn and use different techniques and approaches to depicting the sky, we will inspire you with cloud poetry and simple explanations for why the clouds look the way they do. Whether you are an experienced watercolour artist or you’ve never painted before, this course will encourage you to experiment with adding drama and emotion into a landscape painting using the sky. The workshops will be led by artist Donna Levinstone (Member 1,082) and Cloud Appreciation Society founder Gavin Pretor-Pinney (Member 001) as live Zoom meetings.

As workshop participants put into practice Donna’s sky painting advice and techniques, Gavin Pretor-Pinney will share cloud knowledge, quotations and readings to inspire them. His words can wash over us as we focus on our cloud studies. While learning to paint the ever-changing forms of the clouds, you will gain an understanding of how clouds work and form a deeper appreciation of the beauty of the sky.

Course dates: 
WORKSHOP 1 (1 hour): Wednesday December 2nd at 6.00pm, UTC.
WORKSHOP 2 (1 hour): Wednesday December 9th at 6.00pm, UTC.
WORKSHOP 3 (1 hour): Wednesday December 16th at 6.00pm, UTC.

Materials you will need:
All you will need for this course workshop are some basic materials.

  • Any standard watercolour paint set. (Some fairly inexpensive options are this or this).
  • Any basic small brush (if one doesn’t already come with your paint set).
  • A pad of standard watercolour paper. The size of the pages is up to you.
  • A few sheets of paper towel or tissue. This is helpful for one of the watercolour techniques Donna will be teaching.
  • And if you want your watercolour sketches to look a little more pro, some 1-inch painter’s tape might be an idea. This is in no way essential, just a nice way to neaten up your paintings with a white border around. You could stick some tape along all four edges of a couple of sheets just before the workshop.


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