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Steve Gray

A pyrocumulus cloud over Queensland, Australia. With Mount Cooroy ( local aboriginal for ‘home of possums’) on the right and Mount Ninderry to the left.

From Clare Scott

Clare Scott, member 39,730, created this plein air, pastel painting of a pyrocumulus cloud building from one of the largest wildfires (Cameron Peak Fire) in Colorado north of where she was painting.

Pyrocumulus from Two Colorado Wildfires on the Same Day

Four wildfires are currently raging in the mountains of Colorado. We had plans to escape the city and covid-induced cabin fever by heading to the hills this weekend; canceled our Aspen itinerary because Interstate 70, the main thoroughfare east/west across the state, has been closed due the Grizzly Creek Fire for days. We opted for […]

Reply To: Cloud seeding

Can either of you confirm whether there is any connection / correlation between the heavy rains (and hail) we have just experienced and the tons of combustion particles that went up in smoke as pyrocumulus clouds during the three month long bush fire crisis Australia has just suffered?  Or is this simply a co-incidence?

Cu flammagenitus vs fumulus

Wednesday’s Cloud, 16AUG2017 was the new flammagenitus: (also known commonly as pyrocumulus) But the old fumulus is still listed in the new ICA Glossary: Fumulus [colloq.]. A contraction of the words fume and Cumulus, indicating water-droplet clouds that form within the top of rising plumes from smokestacks, cooling towers or open fires. This […]


Pictures 6 and 7 in this link show a wall of cloud at ground level beneath the pyrocumulus: Paul Simons, Weather Eye in The Times (UK) today, talks of the concern for the inferno setting off fire tornados. In 1871 in Peshtigo, Wisconsin, USA, the fire hurled trains and buildings into the air. ‘…rain […]

LA Fire – Pyrocumulus Cloud

Russ Clark of Arizona, USA was sent this video by his daughter who lives in the LA Basin. The footage was shot by Dan Black from his vantage point at Tarzana, California. Gavin Pretor- Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society advises us that it shows a pyrocumulus cloud — a sort of cloud that […]