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Reply To: Fallstreak Clouds (Punch clouds) – several photos

One more time (with a nod to Count Basie). Carla Thomas-Buffin’s fallstreaks taken at Hillier Gardens, Hampshire, UK, 10OCT2016. 1/3×393-200×200.jpg 2/3×393-200×200.jpg 3/3×393-200×200.jpg Well, sadly they come out rather small for me and I can’t make them fullscreen. (But perhaps you can get...

Fallstreak Clouds (Punch clouds) – several photos

Here are several good photos of the Fallstreak clouds (Punch holes) as evidenced on the BBC’s Weather Watchers website:- Laurence

Reply To: Fallstreak Holes and Brocken Spectres – BBC Enquiry

Not so sure about Fallstreak Holes but I have seen a good few Glories from above in a glider with the glider’s shadow being in the middle (the equivalent of the Brokenspectre). This is a recent example as I flew close to a cumulus cloud...

Fallstreak Holes and Brocken Spectres – BBC Enquiry

Hello Cloud Appreciators! I am a researcher with the BBC Natural History Unit in Bristol, UK. We are doing a short story about Fallstreak Holes and Broken Spectres and I am looking for people who are willing to share (on TV) their photos and experience...
A hole in the clouds without the fallstreaks over Bampton, Oxfordshire, UK.