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Reply To: New Years Day Clouds 2019

Thanks, Hans! That worked for me this time!  And, yes, I LOVE having a couple of local meteorologists to interact with and ask questions of!  George, I have a TON of photos of that cloud formation and I have sent them to my meteorologist friend...

Reply To: New Years Day Clouds 2019

I think it’s a fallstreak hole. The reason is that those “cirrus” clouds are below the altocumulus, You can see that on the right end of the gap.

Reply To: New Years Day Clouds 2019

To all: my workaround for the login problem that seems to re-occurr is first to login to be sure you are really logged in, then go to a different page you want to go to (forum, gallery, whatever). Each time your login is forgotten by...

Reply To: New Years Day Clouds 2019

hygge, thanks for letting me know that I am not the only one with “issues”!  I can turn off the “paranoid” button now!  ;-) I DID get confirmation by our local meteorologist on the Fallstreak Hole!  Here is what he said,  “The fallstreak…yes. That’s what...

Reply To: New Years Day Clouds 2019

Michael!  I appreciate your comment on my photo in the Cloudscapes Volume II thread!  For some reason I am not able to comment on that particular thread – it keeps saying I need to log in, even after I do log in.  I was able...

Reply To: New Years Day Clouds 2019

Something odd is going on with my account…. I am logged in and can comment on this thread, but when I try to comment on the Cloudscapes Volume II thread it shows me as not logged in. I have tried over and over – while...

Reply To: Cloudscapes Volume II

Ramona, Hello! yes it appears the cloudlets are smaller than the width of an finger at the end of an extended arm and since there is a blanket of the cloud ,,that would put it all in a cirrocumulus stratiformus with  some undulations  and some...

Reply To: Cloudscapes

Thanks Hans. It did not occur to me that the could in the first picture be a fallstreak hole, it looked like two separate clouds. About the second picture, I work on the 16th floor of the southernmost office building in Manhattan with occasional access...

Reply To: Cloudscapes

Nice example of castellanus George. Of the two following vortices the first one looks very much like a fallstreak hole and I am amazed by the second one. One must have a wide view to be able to observe something like this . Great spottings!