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The Morning Glory Cloud (More Info)



MOVIE DOWNLOAD 1: Time-lapse of the Morning Glory at dawn
The glory usually forms at around daybreak. This timelapse movie shows it coming over the Burketown airstrip at first light.
Quicktime (1.7MB)
Avi (2.1MB)
Mpeg (3.4MB)

MOVIE DOWNLOAD 2: Flying along the face of a Glory

Paul Poole took me up in a Cessna motor plane to fly close up to a Morning Glory. This is what it looked like.
Quicktime (1.4MB)
Avi (3.7MB)
Mpeg (3.2MB)

MOVIE DOWNLOAD 3: Rick Bowie Surfing the Glory

See Rick as he surfs a Morning Glory in is Pik 20E self-launching glider.
Quicktime (1.6MB)
Avi (4.6MB)
Mpeg (3.1MB)

Visiting Burketown
I stayed with Paul Poole and Amanda Wilkinson at Savannah Lodge ( They have very comfortable self-contained air-conditioned cabins which accommodate up to six persons. Amanda serves great food in the restaurant, including the delicious local barramundi fish. Paul also operates charter flights from Mt Isa airport and between the different townships in the Gulf region (

Russell White’s Morning Glory website
As the pioneer of surfing the Morning Glory, Russell is a trusted voice for information about this amazing cloud and the sport of gliding on it. His site also has lots of fantastic photographs and information about the cloud, as well as more general information on the Burketown region.