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Reply To: New Years Day Clouds 2019

Forums The Cloud Forum New Years Day Clouds 2019 Reply To: New Years Day Clouds 2019

Ramona Edwards avatarrje623

Something odd is going on with my account…. I am logged in and can comment on this thread, but when I try to comment on the Cloudscapes Volume II thread it shows me as not logged in. I have tried over and over – while being logged in – but I am not able to access that thread.  Has it been closed to comments?

I was very excited to reply to the thread, as Michael mentioned that my photo may have been of a Fallstreak Hole.  That is TOP on my cloud bucket list, and it amuses me that one may have been right before my eyes and I didn’t realize it!  I am eager to find out how to identify it as a Fallstreak Hole – or not?  Since I am able to comment on this thread I will post it here again.  After all, it WAS taken on New Year’s Day!  I would appreciate opinions on whether it is a Fallstreak Hole – and perhaps letting me know if there is a way to identify it for certain?  I have seriously been searching the skies for that phenomenon for a long time now!!  Forgive me for posting it in two different threads – if I could access the other one I would not even consider doing this!IMG_5823_1edita