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Mitch Hawkins

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    May 21, 2013at1:15 pm

    Thank you Mitch for rising early and catching this unusual and spectacular scene and then sharing it with us.

  • Laurence Green

    Laurence Green

    May 21, 2013at5:01 pm

    A well composed and well thought out photo, Mitch.

    I like the use of the 1/3rds old and fabled photographic technique which never fails to please one visually i.e. the employment of the two trees in the foreground to, in effect, support the cloud centred uppermost, and then, the three clouds one third in on the left of the lower part of the photo. “The Thirds” never fail photographically.



    [email protected]

    June 12, 2013at11:24 pm

    Alberto Ostacchini June 2013
    Amazing clouds and great shot overall.

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    Henrik Kolden, Norway

    June 14, 2013at11:18 pm

    Extremely beautiful. Both colours, composition and shapes are making this photo unique! Thank you so much Mitch!

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