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November 2014

How and where a cloud releases its load to earth can vary greatly with the type of cloud. In the case of November's Cloud of the Month, a large Cumulonimbus over the Mongolian Steppe, the precipitation is sudden...
Cloud ‘sneeze’, (microburst), Bloemfontein, South Africa.
Microburst, drenching the hills south of Santa Fe, New Mexico, U.S.
Twin Microbursts (Cloud Sneeze), over Canyonlands, Utah. U.S.
Microburst over Calhan, Colorado…..20 miles east of Colorado Springs, giving some much needed rain!…
Another contender here for the ‘cloud sneeze’ (microburst) category, seen at Bitterwasser, a flying lodge in Namibia.

Microbursts (May 08)

(Click image to enlarge) Photographed over Long Island, in The Bahamas © Dene Georgelin. See this photo in the Cloud Gallery here. The Cumulonimbus could never be called a refined cloud. It is the beast of the lower atmosphere: roaring with deafening thunder; spitting shards...
Microburst, Playa del Carmen. Mexico.
Microbursts taken 100 miles west of Buckeye, Arizona. US.
Microburst taken near Killarney, Queensland Australia, one worried Paraglider in the foreground.