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Reply To: Isolated Mammatus?

I agree with Gregory, Ramona, that mamma can develop isolated in all kind of situations and not necessary underneath an anvil of a leaving cumulonimbus. Here is one of my examples. And my last one is mamma that develop in the streaks of a fallstreak hole. Very peculiar.

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This is an interesting question you put forward Ramona. The images are clear and I can see what happens. What I know (you can find it in Wikipedia) is that super cooled droplets in the altocumulus layer need ice nuclei to crystallize to start the process of the formation of a fallstreak hole. Usually it […]

Can Cumulus cloud cause Fallstreak hole?

I was watching some clouds in the morning sky yesterday and saw something that puzzled me.  Along a low mountain range some cumulus clouds were reaching up to the layer of clouds above them – just starting to touch them.  As I watched (and took lots of photos, LOL) it appeared as if they caused […]

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Ah, Michael, I clearly see what you mean! Thank you for the excellent re-cropping suggestion. And Hans, I think you may also be right about that fallstreak hole—a bird-created portal to who-knows-where. I only hope your Sticky cloud wasn’t waiting on the other side! It has a seductively soft appeal. If you’ve ever sneezed into a […]

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Thanks Keelin, I love your latest composition. It surely leads the eye into the Great Blue Beyond. Marvelous. The bird that dropped through the layer of clouds seems to have caused a small fallstreak hole, don’t you think? Sticky