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Search: fallstreak

Reply To: Cloudscapes Volume III

I see above the fallstreak in #305 thehead of a dog, a labradot to be specific. Anyway a nice composition. As is the one from the gathering in Colorado by Keelin. Here is one taken with the cloudspotter app at the former asperitas event.

Reply To: Cloudscapes Volume III

Interesting layers in your image, Hans, and a nice fallstreak framing in Michael’s above. Below is from a gathering in Colorado.

Reply To: Contrail Thread Volume IV

At the end of last year I spotted these two fallstreak holes of which one is a long distrail. The Dutch word for fallstreak hole is “pilotengat”, that is one to one in English: a “pilote hole”.

Reply To: New Years Day Clouds 2019

Thanks, Hans! That worked for me this time!  And, yes, I LOVE having a couple of local meteorologists to interact with and ask questions of!  George, I have a TON of photos of that cloud formation and I have sent them to my meteorologist friend...