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Reply To: Black & White Cloud Photos Vol XIV

Gregory, it looks as if your clouds are shifting into hyperspace—which, at times, seems like a possibility with how quickly some sail across the sky. And Michael, your B&W182 of Cirrus intortus reminds me of younger years when I could easily dance in all directions—at...

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

Hans, Asperitas remains the  most “opportune”  for photographing imho.  There is so much fun to be had with asperitas.. It really doesn’t fit in to any cliche or stereotype way of presenting it. Because its ” new” we are left to photograph the phenomena  anyway ...

Reply To: Touch of Asperitas in Groningen

Hello Eric, very nice. Have you noticed the special Asperitas thread on this forum? It is worthwhile checking it. Here is what I spotted in Leiden the same day after having seen also distant asperitas in Haarlem. On the weather forecast of the prime time...

Touch of Asperitas in Groningen

Good thing I take the time to look out of my office window once in a while… Not the most impressive of Asperitases (?) perhaps, but I was glad to see it all the same. :-)