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Reply To: Asperitas The CAS Cloud Vol.5

Hans,  once again thanks for your encouragement.  Asperitas has a big learning curve for me.  Close Up is reminding me of a sea shell.  Super shot. Michael,  you take the lead on this thread.  There must be a good way to read this cloud formation. ...

Reply To: Asperitas The CAS Cloud Vol.5

Thank you for your kind words. Asperitas is the most fun cloud to work with. Its almost impossible to get a  bad shot. I check out with camera in hand when Asperitas is spotted. Asperitas #519  

Reply To: Asperitas The CAS Cloud Vol.5

Ruth, We don’t get a lot of clouds but when we do, Asperitas is usually included in the hurly burly that makes it over the California mountains and into our deserts. Arizona Asperitas #506

Asperitas The CAS Cloud Vol.5

Michael started this topic as a tribute to the CAS cloud, Asperitas. Now volume 4 has its 100 posts, so this is the moment to start volume 5. Ruth had the Last Word in volume 4 while Michael is the most frequent contributor to this...