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Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 3

Hans,,A similar type cloud can be seen in my  photo #750. The texture of the clouds, takes away from the upside down tossing and turning of the Asperitas.  So  your  photo belongs in Asperitas imho.. And yes, an incredible Asperitas event Dec 3rd 2019  traversed...

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 3

All very gentle waves of asperitas Michael. Here is one that looks like the skin of some reptile. What do you think. Does it belong to this thread? Scales

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 3

Thanks Michael. It is always a joy when something “different” in the sky is happening. It makes my day. From last year: Eyebrow Raising Asperitas

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 3

Nice composition in Arizona Asperitas#760 Michael. Next one was taken in a hurry a few days ago. I did not have time to change lenses not expecting this when I stepped outside. Nevertheless I did have my camera with me so used the wide angle...

Reply To: Black & White Cloud Photos Vol XV

Thanks Keelin! Adobe Lightroom has an amazing tool called  “Clarity” which seems like a perfect tool made for Cloud photography. Clouds are notoriously low in contrast or just the opposite, very high in contrast  depending on the time of day. While processing the shots, a...

Reply To: Cloud Identification Help

Hello Cloudlady I like your picture of the so-called eyebrows. I agree with Jocelyn on that classification all be it an unofficial one. Nice video you found about the phenomenon. All examples here are lenticularis shaped and in my opinion they also seem to have...

Reply To: Image Storage Options

Hello Jocelyn, I do it much the same as Michael described. But your wishes made me (re)think about my own way of doing it. So here are some more thoughts about it. Your wish to tag pictures triggered me to do some research and therefore...

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 3

Those wonder-ful waves sweep me off my feet, Michael, Hans, and Daniel. Sure wish they weren’t so rare around here. Just found this one from a few years back.

Reply To: Cloud Identification Help

Hello Don, it was nice to see you live in a Zoom meeting recently! It is no wonder you can’t find anything about an eyebbrow cloud. I know the eyebrow cloud is not an offically accepted classification (yet?). Maybe it is a new  challenge for...

Reply To: Cloudscapes Volume III

What are they up to now? Great question to ask about clouds Keelin and great image too. And Arizona Cloudscape #321 is so close being asperitas, or is it Michael? More unfolding drama in the sky to come up?