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Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume VI

Love the space shots! Found this on the menu. I think it would go well with your Morel, Hans. And whatever Michael comes up with is always dessert for the senses. Layered Cloud Serving with Asperitas PS: Nice dragonfly on the CAS Gallery, Hans! A...

Reply To: South Carolina, USA II

Nice shots, Roger. I would say the top one could be asperitas. The bottom one is a chaotic sky, a bit of everything at all levels.

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume VI

Keelin, your wordplay responding to the ingenious titles Michael gives his images, is unmatched making it a real pleasure to read your comments. I like that jazz! And then you take my “hint” a level higher with “maybe just a hint” of Asperitas in that...

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume VI

Tell Tchaikovsky The News is categorically classic, Michael — whereas your title is pure pop! Or I’m guessing from what you’ve written earlier, it went pOp! when it came to mind. Makes me smile to imagine how that must have felt. And isn’t it sweet to...

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume VI

Tchaikovsky is flabbergasted by the news or maybe by the light music? How creative a title can be! I saw your Asperitas on the gallery Michael. Quite special being able to look over and under it. The picture reminded me of a singular patch of...

Reply To: Weather Photographer Of The Year – 2017 – shortlist

Thank you Laurence for the last link with all the finalists. They are all wonderful pictures. There is also this fantastic black and white cirrus cloudscape, a colorful asperitas, Paris in the snow and…. too hard to choose and they are not even on the shortlist.

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume IV

Beautiful compositions, Hans! Your series of Asperitas is truly breathtaking. Here is a Mostly Greys image that I like for its soft, sleepy feel. […oops! can’t seem to add an image at the moment… the icon has disappeared. Hopefully a fix will come soon.]  

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume IV

Great choreography and light-play Keelin! The contrast works great. Over here today again an aperitas event. Quite rare! I read in the article about the origin of asperitas (see home page), that gravity waves are supposed to be the cause – on their turn generated by...

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume IV

So glad you were there and aware to take notice of the morning’s variable speed dance, Hans — and with camera in hand! Excellent captures of two distinct moods of Asperitas. And I agree, Michael is right about their affinity for black and white portraiture....

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume IV

I love wild skies and Wild Skies in articular. They deserve the Clapping of Many Hands, Keelin. Great short story in two pictures. Yesterday morning over here was a morning in between wildness and serenity. Lots of movements and a rare asperitas event….. that almost...

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume IV

Hans..IMHO you have photographed Asperitas. Majority of photos of Asperitas are of the perspective from below;The wave rolls seen from below. You have photos of..what I will guess as .smaller manifestations at an opportune distance that shows the lower level of wave but also the...

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume IV

Quite amazing these continuations on the theme op spinning, curling, unfurling and other circular motions. I like them all. Motion leads to Change Of Weather I don’t know what I do see here except for a exceptional cloud configuration. Some characteristics of asperitas can be...

Reply To: Black & White Thread Volume IV

Capturing clouds make one feel the hasty white rabbit for sure. Once seen a nice cloudscape you already must have your camera in hand to capture it. You were certainly prepared Michael to shoot this great asperitas. Keelin you triggered my memory with your philosophic...

Gravity Waves

Cloud enthusiast, Cary Bahora, recently drew our attention to this video asking what the phenomenon shown was called.

Reply To: Black and White Thread Volume III

Yes Keelin a female faery face on Soluble! It can’t be unseen anymore and now I stick to the Whale in your Veil or Whale. Magic all over like in the foregoing picture from Michael. Something On The Wing