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Reply To: Color Thread Vol. X

The Balancing Point is as fantastic as Curtain Call, Keelin. Did you notice the small colorful segment f a 22 degrees halo at the bottom in what started as a contrail? Love it. Ruth, your Combinations is indeed painterly. Nice view. Arizona#134 shows a great...

Reply To: Asperitas The CAS Cloud Vol.4

Hans, you are correct in my doubting of an Asperitas sighting.  Your thought of an eyebrow cloud seems right on.  So enjoyed your gallery selection that was displayed this week.  Big eyebrows and may be a big bird.  I do need more Asperitas practice.  It...

Reply To: Cloudscapes Vol. V

Meaty Clouds and Spirits Rising. Great titles for these beautiful captures, Ruth and Keelin. Here is one taken a few days ago on a day with lots of energy in the sky: storm systems, asperitas, sunny spells, rain and lightning. My camera worked extra hours....

Reply To: Asperitas The CAS Cloud Vol.4

Ruth, am I mistaking or do I recognize some doubt in your words about your last one? To me it is a yes and to me it also seems to be an eyebrow cloud. In my opinion closely related to asperitas. Superciliaris as it is...

Society of Photographers/Glanzlichter photo prizes

News in pictures: Tuesday April 6, 2021 | News | The Times Well, the above does not look like a link to me. I copied it in the usual way, but The Times does not like being copied and seems to be able to disable...

Reply To: Asperitas The CAS Cloud Vol.4

Nice composition Hans. Ruth, your shot above Hans’ shot is Asperitas imho..but the one directly above is a difficult call..It may have been at one time but its played out by the time of that shot. Below is shot of some Asperitas on its last...