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‘Something in Common’ with the Los Angeles Public Library

The Cloud Appreciation Society is featured in an exhibition at the Los Angeles Public Library called Something in Common, which features societies and organisations around the world that bring people together for all the good stuff that comes with community. Organised by Todd Lerew (Member 47,655), Library Foundation’s Director of Special Projects, the show includes […]

March 2022

The Eyebrow Cloud That’s Waiting to be Made Official This cloud formation should have a Latin name, but it is yet to be classed as an official cloud type. It can appear in the turbulent airflows downwind of mountain peaks, and we think it looks like eyebrows in the sky. This would be a good […]

Reply To: Asperitas The CAS Cloud Vol.5

Michael,  you are so right about that unique sensation of pure joy and fulfillment when an Asperitas is spotted.  A thrill that keeps on giving.  I like to go back to past photos to see what I may have missed or just to reexperience the moment. Past Camp Trip

Reply To: Asperitas The CAS Cloud Vol.5

Ruth I gotta that not such a unique experience that words don’t capture the feel being left speechless in its grandeur  and sorry that a mere camera can only record in 2 dimensions ? ..worthy of more than a 2nd look. Arizona Asperitas #529