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Reply To: Touch of Asperitas in Groningen

Hello Eric, very nice. Have you noticed the special Asperitas thread on this forum? It is worthwhile checking it. Here is what I spotted in Leiden the same day after having seen also distant asperitas in Haarlem. On the weather forecast of the prime time...

Touch of Asperitas in Groningen

Good thing I take the time to look out of my office window once in a while… Not the most impressive of Asperitases (?) perhaps, but I was glad to see it all the same. :-)  

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

Asperitas continues to be shy in my sky here, so I much appreciate all the images shared on this forum topic. And Dean, hope to see more by you! The image you posted is quite dramatic and the video was captivating. I enjoyed the Aurora...

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

Hi all This is a frame from a time-lapse I produced, taken 22 June 2015 at Lauderdale, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia. Video here: Looks like some Stratocumulus, Asperitas, Mammatus with Lenticular? Cheers Dean

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

A asperitas sky with good visible features, but the pictures need to be heavily developped from a almost featureless gray to unveal their surprising structure.