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Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

The Datat Recovery people did an excellent job.  They’re from Wales, well at least the wife is. She (as secretary/receptionist) had me believing she is from down under. Then she demonstrated some welsh language(Gaelic) . Anyway..everything saved. Heres a shot from November Arizona Asperitas#203

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

Love your French Asperitas, Hans! You can probably guess what it reminds me of. As for the image following it, I can’t help but think of a charcoaled artist’s paper that has seen one of those soft, kneaded erasers go tumbling across it. The resulting...

Reply To: Cloudscapes Volume II

Haha, I am caught in it as well Keelin, and I had to think of the scenes of Frodo meeting the giant spider Shelob in The Lord Of The Rings. Brrrrr… Something very different now.  

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

That´s bad news Michael, but with what I know about this, it should be possible to recover most or maybe all of the data. I truly hope so for you. Fingers crossed! It reminds me of some needed organization of my own backup. My external...

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

Oh Micheal, I hope the data recovery is successful for you and all your photos can be saved (documents too, of course). Evidently, you are still looking up ~~ and we remain the lucky beneficiaries of that! I never tire of seeing the waves of...

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

Sometimes Asperitas reminds me of  VanGogh’s style of painting, My hard drive decided to die. 8 years old.That is when I found out my back up wasn’t backing up any of my photos. So the broke hard drive is off to a data recovery  session ...

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

Thank you Keelin. It has been already four months since my last event, but I still have plenty of pictures of asperitas. One can say it is a rather photogenic kind of cloud. A 2015 event  

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

While I do indeed hunger for locally grown servings of Asperitas, I’m more than happy to feast on the offerings presented here. And I see Volume 2 begins with a doubly delicious appetizer from the two of you. Yum!

Reply To: ASPERITAS The CAS Cloud Vol 2

And I am trying to catch up with you Michael. Unfortunately Keelin is still waiting for an asperitas event. Apparently the circumstances in California are less favorable for asperitas than in Arizona? Not a recent one…


The first volume filled up quick!  I’m willing to  keep going with a 2nd volume of photographs and input on the Asperitas Cloud. Here is a recent  photo of  Asperitas Light and Medium Arizona Asperitas # 201    

Reply To: ASPERITAS, The CAS Cloud

Congratulations, Michael and Hans! Asperitas Volume I is a completely stunning collection. May the rock and roll ride continue. ~~~ PS: Hans, might you have a spare windmill? I still yearn to see “the CAS Cloud” here in Napa, but so far, no go…