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Luke Howard Week: Friday

The World Meteorological Organization – the official keeper of cloud classifications – has rigorously maintained the Latin naming system that Luke Howard first proposed in 1802. But nothing in the world of cloud is ever fixed, and so the system has tended to be revised every few decades, sometimes with new cloud types being added. […]

Luke Howard, The Namer of Clouds

Monday November 28, 2022 was the 250th anniversary of the birth of English chemist and amateur meteorologist Luke Howard, the man who named clouds. On a cold December evening in 1802, this modest young Quaker presented a lecture called ‘On the Modification of Clouds’ to members of his scientific debating club in London. Howard had loved […]

‘Something in Common’ with the Los Angeles Public Library

The Cloud Appreciation Society is featured in an exhibition at the Los Angeles Public Library called Something in Common, which features societies and organisations around the world that bring people together for all the good stuff that comes with community. Organised by Todd Lerew (Member 47,655), Library Foundation’s Director of Special Projects, the show includes […]