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Reply To: Kelvin-Helmholtz?

Dear Chris, In my opinion, you son has won the challenge. That looks like a pretty classic Kelvin-Helmholtz formation (now more formally known as fluctus). To have been an ideal example, the tops of the undulations would have had more pronounced curls to them, but...


Hi, I need some help please. My son thought he saw a Kelvin-Helmholtz just over an hour ago above Loughborough, England. I’m not convinced, but thought if anyone would know, it would be someone here. If he’s right I’ve just lost a challenge I had with...

Funnels north of Santa Fe US

Here is not the most dramatic photo of not the most spectacular little tornado, one certainly not putting anyone in danger, but seeing it from the yard this afternoon was a thrill! Near the end of the event, which lasted around three minutes, a second...

Reply To: Is this cloud what I think it is?

Yes, I’d agree. The right side of the cloud looks to me like a Kelvin-Helmholtz formation (now known officially as fluctus). Do post your painting here when it’s finished!

Reply To: Silver Lining Volume I

Thank you for a great start, George and Hans. No, as Hans says, no constraints like storm clouds, just share whatever the thought brings to your mind. Back catalogues are OK too. George your picture is complex and fascinating – almost a grey Kelvin-Helmholtz on the...

Reply To: Wave Clouds

With a nod to Kelvin-Helmholtz, John Masefield, and Hans ~~~ for waves of inspiration~~~ I Must Go Down To The Seas Again

Reply To: Sunrises And Sunsets Volume I

Distant travelers? I like how you described what I think you mean, the little Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds. At least I think that’s what they are. I’m always looking for this cloud formation ever since I saw them for the first time over our farm in 2012. ...

Reply To: Castellanus on top of a contrail?

George, The online paper you found in the journal Weather has contact details for the authors.  I Googled Schultz, and I found that he’s still at Manchester University: I think it would be worth contacting him, sharing your photo with him, and asking for...

k-h, circumzenithal

It’s been a good day today. Spotted a circumzenithal ark and some distant Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds.