Mount Rainier's shadow being cast onto the clouds makes it look like the volcano is erupting, Washington, US.
© Nick Lippert
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This is an example of:
Altocumulus, Crepuscular rays & shadows, Our favourites, Stratus, Sunset / sunrise, undulatus


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  1. Alex7 Nov 2011

    A beautiful photo :)

  2. Mark McCaughrean7 Nov 2011


  3. Rojgar7 Nov 2011


  4. Henrik Kolden7 Nov 2011

    Marvellous !!

  5. Rémi Filastò, Mtp7 Nov 2011

    Where is the 6 stars button?? :D

  6. Anthony Skellern8 Nov 2011

    Fantastic – like a landscape from another world!

  7. Carolyn Johannesen9 Nov 2011

    It’s a real stunner, Nick. Prehistoric :D

  8. brian Steel9 Nov 2011

    wow, this is stunning.

  9. Fantastic. Wonderful. Very beautyful. Congratulation to this photo. 6 Stars for this amazing picture.

  10. Paula Nolan11 Nov 2011

    Stunning cloud photo. Thanks Nick!

  11. nick wyche12 Nov 2011

    Sublime – Spielberg couldn’t have imagined it any better.

  12. Sarah Longlands12 Nov 2011

    Serendipitously quite amazing!

  13. Ian Smallwood12 Nov 2011

    Makes me wish I was there to see it first hand. Great photo.

  14. Kamila Mazurkiewicz12 Nov 2011

    Amazing! Congratulation!

  15. sally federolf12 Nov 2011


  16. Sandy12 Nov 2011

    Truly amazing. Thanks!

  17. Jane Monarch13 Nov 2011

    I see this mountain every day from my house and never tire of it. I thank God for the BEAUTY of His world. Thanks, Nick, for reminding me of how lucky I am.

  18. iona13 Nov 2011

    This is one of the most amazing photgraphs I have ever seen. Spectacular!

  19. Justin Miles13 Nov 2011

    Most Amazing pic – what else can I say

  20. Roger Parker13 Nov 2011

    Quite took my breath away! A timely and fantastic rerminder of what a wonderful world we live in.

  21. Chris Holloway13 Nov 2011


  22. Mike Murray16 Nov 2011

    A view of the sublime. Thank you, Nick

  23. Jeff Smith16 Nov 2011

    That is absolutely magnificent.

  24. Hazel Polson16 Nov 2011

    Unique and utterly gorgeous! Well done you … but isn’t God just AMAZING?!!

  25. Paul Browes18 Nov 2011

    A terrific image; thankyou.

  26. Tina Dietzgen6 Jan 2012

    Otherworldly…very beautiful and exciting photo…

  27. Dale Maycock15 Oct 2013

    Hi Nick, I work for a news agency in the UK that sends stories to the UK and international press, I’d love to get your picture seen in the national newspapers. I was wondering if you would be interested in working with us? My email address is if you would like to discuss this further.

    Thanks for your time


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