A capture of multiple strikes over Puławy, Poland.
© Kamila Mazurkiewicz
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  1. IanL28 Jul 2011

    Details….Canon EOS 20D, Canon 10-22, 10 mm, f/4.0, 46 x 5 sec,

  2. Siya29 Jul 2011

    Amazing !!

  3. Sharon29 Jul 2011


  4. Marco C.29 Jul 2011

    you can explain what it means 46×5 sec?
    I know that to make these photos must be bulb exposure.
    you used only 5 sec?
    soon as I can, I also try to do this kind of picture.
    really fantastic photos. I feel envy
    Thanks and good luck

  5. Alex29 Jul 2011

    A great photo Kamila. Looks like a good storm.
    I also only use 5 secs when taking shots of lightning but thats more to do with the light pollution here in Bangkok. Marco. If you are in an area without light pollution you can just leave the exposure setting open (B setting) and close it once you get a strike. Just make sure camera is on a tripod :)

  6. Johanne Paquette, Canada29 Jul 2011

    Beautiful shot ! Amazing sky ! Tks Kamila.

  7. Carolyn, UK29 Jul 2011

    Such a beautiful strength in your shot, Kamila. Truly remarkable colours. Thank you ;D

  8. bryan30 Jul 2011

    OH-WOW!!!!! This is Super Fantastic, Amazingly Incredible Kamila. What a Great Shot this is…..AWESOME!!!

  9. Susan Babb30 Jul 2011

    wonderful photo, congratulations on a lovely effort.

  10. Mik Davies30 Jul 2011

    Superb capture excellent work

  11. Norman30 Jul 2011

    A brilliant dramatic photo

  12. Susie NZ31 Jul 2011

    Yes, it looks as if the sky is rooted to the earth!!!

  13. Rémi Filasto', Ireland31 Jul 2011


  14. Hanne Ingerslev31 Jul 2011


  15. Wladyslaw Wojciechowski1 Aug 2011

    I think tis will be the photo of the month!
    Myślę, że ta fotka zostanie zdjęciem miesiąca i może wydrukują ją w kolejnym kalendarzu?

  16. Kamila Mazurkiewicz, Poland1 Aug 2011

    Trust me – amazing 4 minutes… terrifying power… scream the sky…
    Thank you for your warm welcome and many comments. I swallowed up in the sky… Nocturnal escapades, storms, eclipses, conjunctions… The photograph will next be seen also in my presentation, which is preparing…
    Marco C. – this picture is composed of 46 frames, each of them was after 5 seconds. Folded in Startrails.
    Kind regards,

  17. PaweleS from Pulawy :)2 Aug 2011

    It`s wonderful photo.Simply the best.

  18. IVAN S14 Sep 2011


  19. Colin Martin20 Sep 2011


  20. AJ Hidding28 Sep 2011


  21. carolyn hailstones18 Oct 2011

    That is superb!

  22. Helen Mills (australia)23 Dec 2011

    One of the best – brilliant drama wonderfully captured. I was interested to read how you managed it Kamila. Terrifyingly beautiful! Thanks.

  23. Leonardo15 Jan 2012

    Here in Italy we have -3 or -6°C , but it’s sunny!!
    I would like to see a storm…

  24. Sitthivet28 Feb 2012

    amazing results, have not seen Startrails used this way before.

  25. mauricio15 Jun 2012

    espectacular, una de las mejores fotos que he visto :D saludos

  26. Andrea11 Sep 2013

    woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow kamila!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Andrea mn12272

  27. Ginnie Powell, Austin, Texas US29 Jan 2014

    How did I miss this shot when it first was posted?!?!?! Glad they featured it in the slide show.
    So dangerous! So beautiful!

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