Cloud Art

Here is where we display artworks inspired by the sky that we’ve been sent by our members. If you have cloud art to contribute get in touch.

© Linda Pearlman Karlsberg "Hope and Fear"

From Linda Pearlman Karlsberg

Linda Pearlman Karlsberg, member 40985, is an avid cloudspotter, gazer and lover. Her artwork has been focused on the sky for quite a while....

© Iñaki Bilbao

From Iñaki Bilbao

Iñaki Bilbao is an artist from the Basque region of Europe who has been painting clouds for many years....

© Philip Govedare

From Philip Govedare

"The constantly changing cloud formations in skies are less about a literal depiction of an observed phenomenon or place, but are a metaphor and a mirror of an interior landscape of individual consciousness and the human condition."...

© susan-downing-white

From Susan Downing-White

Susan Downing-White, member 41736, is an artist currently living in Mobile, Alabama...

Waiting in the Avenue -canvas music © Thane Byng

From Thane Byng

Thane Byng is an artist based in Dorset. These are two works from: POEMS & PAINTINGS in CLOUDS & SKIES that will be included at an upcoming exhibition...

© J Pridgeon

From J Pridgeon

This is a china painting from J Pridgeon of clouds over the only promontory in the south of Kuwait...